The Winners and Losers of My Gear List

You realize just how critical gear selection becomes when you spend a week’s time out in the wilderness and you rely solely on the choices you have made in your pack. Luckily, I already had a general idea of my personal preferences [everyone is different!] and weeded out the unwanted on my “test drive” in Washington. I highly … More The Winners and Losers of My Gear List

Jardín Japonés

The pictures speak for themselves when it comes to the beauty found within the Japanese Garden. We strolled around for about an hour and enjoyed its tranquil atmosphere. There is a restaurant, gift shop, and nursery located inside the garden. We also came across a very sweet cat who was more than happy to get … More Jardín Japonés

Life on the Delta

This past weekend I took a weekend trip to Tigre and it was an amazing little getaway! I was so intrigued by the lifestyle of this city! Tigre is located roughly an hour north of Buenos Aires and the town sits right on the river front. What I loved most about Tigre was its delta. The river … More Life on the Delta

Where [and where not] to Eat in Palermo Hollywood

Rating System 1 – 4 1 = Terrible, not recommended 2 = Okay, nothing special 3 = Good/Very Good 4 = Excellent, highly recommended If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out my Helpful Tips for dining out in Buenos Aires. A lot of great information is on this page about saving money, what to expect, … More Where [and where not] to Eat in Palermo Hollywood