Where [and where not] to Eat in Palermo Hollywood

Rating System 1 – 4

1 = Terrible, not recommended

2 = Okay, nothing special

3 = Good/Very Good

4 = Excellent, highly recommended

If you haven’t already, I recommend you check out my Helpful Tips for dining out in Buenos Aires. A lot of great information is on this page about saving money, what to expect, and other insider details.

Las Cabras 

  • Food = 3
  • Atmosphere = 3

Las Cabras was our first dining out experience of the trip. It is a very popular place and is always packed with porteños throughout the day and night. It appears to draw a younger crowd and is a great place for groups. William and I both ordered the bife de chorizo and overall, the food was good. They overcooked the meat, but I think if I were to go back, that could be easily fixed. We will probably visit this restaurant again and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a real local experience dining out!

Update: We did go back and the steak was still overcooked. William ordered salmon this time and really liked it.




Moon Palermo Hollywood Bar 

  • Food = 3.5
  • Atmosphere = 4

This bar just recently opened and it is a personal favorite of mine. Maybe because the “cafe light” sign screamed “hipster”, but for some reason I was instantly drawn to this place. Our first trip to this bar was on a weekday and it was very quiet. We sat at the bar and looked at the menu – eureka! – finally some craft beer. I knew I liked this place for a reason. Coming from San Diego, a city known for its craft beer, I have been feeling a little bit out of sorts when all of Argentina’s beer tastes like a lesser version of Natty Ice. Yes, it’s that bad. So naturally, I ordered a half pint of every craft beer they had to offer. Side note: Ordering an IPA, you actually pronounce it as a word, not I-P-A. They say “eepa” and it’s the cutest thing ever. Out of the five beers they had on tap, the “eepa” and the Scottish red ale were my favorite. Being the only two people at the bar, we got to know the bartenders and they are super chill! We have been back several times now to say “hi” and have a beer with them. We also tried the food and it was really good. I wish them the best of luck with their new business!


  • Food = 4
  • Atmosphere = 4

Another great restaurant that I highly recommend! Again, the hipster vibe won me over. The decor of this restaurant is eclectic and fun and makes for the perfect lunch spot. They have a full bar and a loft that offers outdoor seating on their adorable garden patio. I had the rib eye and William had the Brandon Burger, both were very good! The menu has a lot to offer and we will definitely be back to try something new.







Unico Bar and Bistro

  • Food = 2
  • Atmosphere = 2

This restaurant appears to be a very popular place for porteños. Every night of the week is very busy. They have outdoor seating that consumes the street corner and heating lamps that cover the majority of tables [except mine of course]. The food was average and decently priced. I ordered “papas fritas con cheddar” [cheese fries]. What I got was a plate of fries with some chunky, semi liquid cheese drizzled on top. Eat it quickly because within five minutes the cheese becomes a rubbery solid. Yum! Now my bad experience may have been because I didn’t order the classic Argentine steak, but I feel like anything you put on your menu should be good. William ordered the empanadas which were a whole lot better than my “cheese” fries.


  • Food = 4
  • Atmosphere = 4

We stumbled across this Mexican restaurant one night and what a pleasant surprise! The place was packed and the atmosphere was very unique. Candlelit tables, colorful lights, festive streamers, and “Day of the Dead” decorations were everywhere. The lighting was very dim and the music was bumpin’ throughout the night. Their food was very tasty, but was a bit pricey and served in smaller portions. Lupita’s was a fun change of pace from all of the Argentinian parrillas and I would definitely recommend going when you grow tired of eating steak and fries every day.



Brasa Viva Parrilla Argentina

  • Food = 4
  • Atmosphere = 4

Brasa Viva is a little bit outside of Palermo Hollywood and located more in central Palermo, but definitely worth a visit! This steak restaurant is located right by the Alto Palermo shopping mall and is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat after a long day of browsing stores. The food was excellent and the restaurant had a cozy ambience. Second best steak that I have had [so far].



  • Food = 4
  • Atmosphere = 3

CAMPOBRAVO wins my vote for having the best steak. The rib eye was thick, flavorful, and cooked to perfection. Although a little pricey, it was well worth it. The decor and atmosphere was just like any other parrilla, nothing special, but the food is what makes this restaurant top on my list. CAMPOBRAVO is also one of the few restaurants in my neighborhood that is open all day – most places close at 4pm and reopen around 8pm or later.



Club El Don Steak House

  • Food = 4
  • Atmosphere = 4

I enjoyed my night out at El Don. I feel like this restaurant attracts a more touristy crowd with its Hollywood LA movie star theme. The staff was very friendly and seemed to have a lot more patience for those who struggle with Spanish. The food was really good and they did a great job on the steak. William noted that his pasta lacked flavor, but he feels as though all of Argentina’s food is plain and lacking zest. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the porteño lifestyle and need a night to feel like you’re back in the states, this restaurant will welcome you home with open arms!

Side Note: I agree with William, Argentina’s food lacks a lot of flavor. The few times that I have ventured away from steak and tried something new, I generally regret it. Pasta sauces tend to be super bland and most side dishes are begging to be spiced.

Miranda Parrilla

  • Food = 4
  • Atmosphere = 3

Another great place to have a steak! Just like CAMPOBRAVO, this parrilla is no different on decor from all of the other parrillas. Their outdoor seating consumes the entire street corner and is nestled underneath some trees which makes for a perfect place to spend an afternoon drinking wine and eating lunch!



Brochettes de Pollo

Taco Box

Food = 3.5

Atmosphere = 4

The name alone is awesome enough because it totally reminds me of a knock-off version of Taco Bell. BUT, it’s not and it is actually much better than the US fast food restaurant chain. Taco Box had been recommended to us by our Spanish teacher and he had nothing but good things to say about it. We met up with some friends last Friday and planned to have dinner at Taco Box. By 10pm, the place was packed and there was a long waiting list. After waiting 1.5 hours for a table, we finally gave up and headed to a bar. The next night, William and I decided to cheat the system and show up right when they opened at 8pm. For the first hour, the restaurant was completely dead! If you are looking to beat the crowds, 8-9pm is a great time to go out because locals generally don’t even consider dinner until about 10 or 11pm. The other thing to note about Taco Box is their hours. Monday-Thursday and Sunday 8pm-12:30am and Friday and Saturday 8pm-1:30am. So they are never open for lunch! When we first sat down, they gave us both a mini margarita in a shot glass along with chips and salsa – bonus points in my book! The food was really good and high quality, it was just a bit dry and could use some salsa or sauce.

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