Graffiti Mundo [Buenos Aires]

In Buenos Aires, graffiti [tagging and street art] is treated as a celebration of democracy and a way to share fresh new concepts with the world. Many artists target political ideas and current events through their artwork in an attempt to catch the eye of the less informed. To the average pedestrian, this artwork is merely there for aesthetic appeal – provoking no more than a unconcerned ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ of opinion. But dive a little deeper and you will discover the city’s tumultuous past through these images. Graffiti Mundo will take you on a fantastic tour, led by a passionate and extremely knowledgeable local guide, through the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.  You will learn the significance behind the art and its influential past that has led to the vibrant Buenos Aires we all know and love today.

Jaz – One of my favorite artists from the tour. The meaning behind his work is incredible and leaves an impactful impression on his audience.


Pum Pum – Best known female artist in the street art scene of Buenos Aires


Gualicho – Who wouldn’t love to escape reality and live in a world crafted by their own wild imagination?


There is a peculiar story behind the following two pictures. In several locations there are messages on the walls stating, “Tomas te amo” and “Catalina te amo”. According to authorities, the man behind the tags is the father of Tomas and Catalina [two children who go to school near the area of the tags]. Now before you think, “Aww.”, let me inform you that the children have a restraining order against their father and this might be his desperate attempt in reaching out to them. Is it still as sweet as you originally thought?


Trying to find the silver lining in this strange relationship, we see written in a heart next to one of the father’s tags, a little message. It looks like a child’s handwriting and inside the heart is scribbled ‘Miguel [possibly the father], Tomas, Catalina SOSA’. Maybe a sign of forgiveness?


Other shots from the tour…


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