Inspiration for Arlo’s Woodland Nursery


Travel and nature were the driving forces for my nursery inspiration. I absolutely love an eclectic look that ties together an overall picture. Scroll down for details!


I am absolutely obsessed with Target’s cube shelving systems. I own four units and they all work great! They make for easy storage and organization. I store all of Arlo’s clothes, dirty laundry, diapers, toys, wipes, blankets, books, and just about everything else in those cubbies! The one pictured is only $45 – such a good deal. I also bought the marquee letters at Target. And we were extra cautious that these letters were securely hung.


I thought my maternity photos would be a sweet, personal touch to the room. It’s still so crazy to think that my body was able to create such a perfect little being. Ah motherhood!


I tried finding an indoor plant that was super easy to take care of and I happened upon the striped pothos vine! It has thrived in the nursery and requires very minimal attention – which is great because the other inhabitant of this room [aka Arlo] requires ALL of my attention! My absolute favorite nursery in the Bay Area is Flora Grubb Gardens. This little slice of heaven has an amazing selection of plants, pots, and everything else an aspiring gardener could dream of!


The animal alphabet and world map were digital files bought on Etsy through Aniet Illustration and I printed them at Staples. It makes for a fun DIY project! And saves you money.


A unique addition to this room is the grassy rug. I just love its style and texture. It really adds to the nature element of the room. It was originally my mom’s, but I think she found it at HomeGoods. That store is full of one-of-a-kind pieces!


One of my favorite personal touches is this painting. It was a gift to Arlo from my aunt and she did an amazing job capturing Patagonia’s beauty. I absolutely adore it because Arlo was conceived in South America and we [my husband and I] had found out about the pregnancy in the midst of our trek in Torres del Paine. In the painting, you can see the iconic towers and guanacos of Patagonia. It makes for a great story when Arlo gets older.



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