Have Baby, Will Travel. How to ‘Thrive’ Rather Than Just ‘Survive’ When Traveling with Your Baby

My love for traveling is pretty well known within my social circles. So when I got married and started discussing the idea of having children, I got a lot of advice – solicited or not. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves when talking to people with children is the classic line, “Travel as much as you can before you have kids.” I have heard that advice over and over and over again. People instill this fear that once you have kids, your life is over. True, your previous single self might become ‘hassled’ with the arrival of a little baby, but that doesn’t mean that your life has to be put on hold for the next 18 years. With the discovery of my pregnancy, I had set it in my mind that my adventurous lifestyle would not go completely down the drain and that I would continue seeing the world with my new BBFF [duh, best baby friend forever] in tow. I was determined to prove the naysayers wrong and to inspire the fearful postpartum homebodies. I am going to try to enlighten all of my readers through my experiences on what it is like to travel with a baby and offer up every tip, trick, and bit of info I have on how to – not ‘survive’ but rather ‘thrive’ – when traveling with your little one. I have a few posts in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you, so stay on tuned!

Pt. 1 Packing Tips


4 thoughts on “Have Baby, Will Travel. How to ‘Thrive’ Rather Than Just ‘Survive’ When Traveling with Your Baby

  1. Love this. I may not have children but at 25 we are discussing what life will look like over the next 5-10 years. It is scary to think that our adventurous life would come to an end. It makes me feel like something that is so exciting (being a mum) can not exist parallel to our dreams and passions. I love this concept and the idea that it can continue on after children. I think you’re going to come as an inspiration for many! all the best with it xx

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    1. Wonderfully said! I totally agree. I faced the exact same fears and uncertainties knowing that I wanted to have a family but also wanted to continue seeing the world. Thank you for your kind words and I hope you find my blog insightful for what your future could look like, in a world where traveling and children coexist! 😉

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