Fourth of July in Bend

It is hard not to fall in love with Bend! It has that local, small town vibe with a big sense of adventure. If you love outdoor activities – hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, climbing, rafting, snowboarding, skiing – then this is the city for you. Home to their very own “Bend Ale Trail” and surrounded by stunning scenery (including the infamous Three Sisters), what’s not to love? We stayed a couple of nights at a friend’s yurt on their gorgeous property and got a feel for what it was like to live like a local. It also happened to be 4th of July that weekend and Bend did not disappoint on the festivities! Unfortunately, we were so caught up in the fun, that I snapped very few shots of our awesome experience. But I can tell you some places to check out if you ever pass through this beloved town!

The Ultimate Local Experience on Fourth of July in Bend

The number of amazing breweries in Bend, Oregon can be overwhelming for any craft beer lover! If you only have one day and want to experience the best, my hands-down favorite is Deschutes Brewery. They give free tours and tastings at their brewery. Good Life Brewing was my second favorite brewery and Worthy Brewing Co. being my third. Although it wasn’t my personal favorite, a lot of people that I have talked to really like 10 Barrel Brewing Co., so it is worth a visit! We watched fireworks at Worthy Brewing Co. which was the perfect spot to grab a drink and watch the show! They have an incredible beer garden that overlooks this butte which is where the city sets off its fireworks. Before heading out, our friend told us that almost every year the butte catches on fire. We thought he was kidding, but sure enough it did that night, so we got the whole Bend 4th of July firework experience haha!

Float the river is also a great local experience! It seemed as though everyone in Bend had grabbed a tube and headed out to the river. You can bring your own raft or rent one at the north end of the river, but for sure BYOB because it is a party out on the water!

This is the one event that day that we failed to partake in due to last minute planning, but we were able to see it in action. Hundreds of locals dress up in fun, wild outfits and hit the streets in one big party parade. Everyone looked like they were having a blast and it is something that I would definitely love to experience if I am ever back in Bend for the Fourth!

The next day, we headed out on Route 20 and spent the morning kayaking on Three Creeks Lake. The weather was perfect and the lake was gorgeous. Along the way, we spotted a herd of iron horses which made for a stunning photo with the Three Sisters in the backdrop! This trip to Bend may have been my first, but it certainly will not be my last! 

Three Creeks Lake
Three Creeks Lake
Three Creeks Lake
Route 20 Herd
Sunset with the Three Sisters
Sunset with the Three Sisters

And a big thanks to the most lovely hosts we could ask for, Inice and Michael, for letting us stay at your gorgeous house and making us feel like family! The experience wouldn’t of been the same without you guys!

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