Crater Lake

We continued onto Hwy 62 to Crater Lake! It’s a classic stop on any PNW road trip, especially if it’s your first time in Oregon. Of course, expect a ton of tourists at this spot. For me, Crater Lake is about a 30 min pit stop just to take some pictures before continuing on, but it’s definitely worth a trip! The lake is gorgeous on a clear day and my favorite is when the water is so still, that it has a mirroring effect on the surrounding mountains.



While taking some shots, I heard a cry, and spotted a baby Clark’s Nutcracker. Sweet little thing was a little stressed with us being so close and not having the ability to fly away. Or maybe he was waiting for his mommy. Regardless, he was a gorgeous subject to shoot (with my camera).





The Nitty Gritty: There is a park entrance fee of $15 per car and the pass lasts for 7 days. Or if you are traveling by foot, the entrance fee for pedestrians is $10.

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