LUST : noun, a passionate desire for [travel]

The more I travel, the more I realize just how big this world really is. When you’re meeting new people and sharing your travels with one another, inevitably, a few more places get added to your bucket list. It can get a little overwhelming when you want to see it all, especially when “all” just keeps getting bigger and bigger the more I travel.

Things I Want to Do:

  • Kayak with Killer Whales
  • Live in a remote village that is disconnected from the majority of the world
  • See [and successfully photograph] the Northern Lights
  • Play with monkeys
    • Refugio Zoologico was this amazing hidden gem that I had stumbled upon in Samaipata, Bolivia. I hope to go back to Samaipata this trip and volunteer at the refuge.


  • Live to see the day when SeaWorld goes out of business (Free Tilly!)
  • Walk among elephants
    • Elephant Nature Park offers some great excursions and programs that are geared towards helping rescued elephants live out the rest of their lives in peace
  • Volunteer at an exotic animal wildlife rescue foundation
  • Explore Iceland…or live in Iceland 😉
  • Meet a penguin


  • Backpack Sweden and Norway
  • See the Hornocal “Rainbow” Mountain Range [Argentina]
  • Visit Iguazu Falls [Argentina/Brazil]
  • Travel to the “End of the World” aka Ushuaia [Argentina]
  • Become [mildly] fluent in Spanish
  • Take a trip to Thailand and live the life of a jungle beach bum
  • Sandboarding in Huacachina [Peru]
  • Watch The Killers live
  • Take a workshop with Chris Burkard
  • Ride a camel
  • Hike the “O” circuit at Torres Del Paine [Chile]


  • Witness the great migration in Africa
  • Visit Anne Frank’s house
  • Make my way over to Cuba
  • Visit all 50 states in the USA
  • Bus The Ring of Kerry, Ireland
  • Travel the USA in a van
  • Build an awesome treehouse
  • Travel to every country in South America
  • Play polo in Argentina
  • Watch the Olympics in person
  • Spend an entire summer in Amsterdam


Places I Have Been…


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