Top 5 Trader Joe’s Picks for under $5

Anyone else here a HUGE Trader Joe’s fan? Because I am. Like, big time. There is grocery shopping… and then there is grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. Yes, it’s that good and I am not alone on this. TJ’s has a huge following of diehard fans who feel just as strongly as I do. Trader Joe’s has somehow managed to make grocery shopping enjoyable. I absolutely loathe running errands, but shopping at Trader Joe’s is different. It’s exciting and strangely therapeutic at times. They have masterfully curated a magical shopping experience where there are just enough options and varieties of your every day needs, along with fun seasonal treats and new items that keep you coming back time and time again.

But enough about my love for TJ’s. Let’s get to the list!

1. 99¢ Greeting Cards

At most stores, even the cheapest cards are $4 while others are almost pushing the $7-9 price range. It’s ridiculous. TJ’s has a card for every occasion – Get Well, Birthdays, Weddings, Seasonal, Baby Showers, etc. – and they are all 99¢. They are cute and affordable. It’s fabulous.

2. $4.49 Mochi (6 in a box)

TJ’s mochi is the perfect treat for under $5! Not too sweet yet highly addictive, I can easily devour an entire box in one sitting. Vanilla is my favorite flavor, but you can’t go wrong with any flavor you pick! My advice? Try them all 😉

3. $3.99 Candles

These candles basically have a cult following. And for good reason. They smell amazing, they’re made from natural soy wax, and new fresh scents roll out with the changing seasons. What’s not to love? But be quick! From my experience, they sell out quickly if you wait too long.

Fan Tip: Mango Tangerine smells identical to the insanely popular (and insanely expensive) Capri Blue Volcano candle

4. $1.99 Spray Hand Sanitizer

Hand-sanitizer has always been important, but never so much as it is today (hello Covid). I have these little bottles stashed everywhere for quick, convenient access – my car doors, purses, diaper bag, coat pockets, stroller…literally everywhere. The smell amazing (which certainly can’t be said about every hand sanitizer) and it doesn’t leave that grimy residue feel. While living in the midst of a pandemic and having to sanitize constantly, do yourself a favor a grab a couple of these!

5. $3.99 4-Pack canned Simpler Wines

These little cans of Italian sparkling wine are a great addition to any hot summer day! And at $1 a can, make sure to grab an extra pack to bring along for your friends!

Fan Tip: I like to drop a couple of raspberries into my glass when I’m wanting to feel a little fancy. Plus, it’s delicious!

6. 99¢ Bamba Peanut Butter Puffed Snack

Ok, one more. Because honestly, how could I possibly only have five favorites?

Bamba is a peanut butter coated puffed snack. Kids can’t get enough of them and they are only 99¢ for an entire bag. What’s not to love?

Fan Tip: This one is for all of my fellow parents out there. Kids love Bamba and we love the price. It’s a no-brainer, win-win. Bonus, it’s a great way to introduce nut allergens at a young age. It melts in your mouth which makes it a good option for babies who are starting to gnaw on solid foods. (This is not medical advice, just advice from my own personal experience)

Do you have a favorite from TJ’s? I’d love to know!

Happy shopping!

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