Explore Bend – Crescent Moon Ranch Alpaca Destination

We LOVE Crescent Moon Ranch. It is one of our favorite spots to go as a family. If you love fresh air, scenic views, and ridiculously cute alpacas, then this is the spot for you. Adults and children alike will enjoy their visit to the ranch as they stroll down the grassy lanes and greet all of the friendly, fluffy alpacas with a handful of pellets.

Fun for all ages!

When you arrive, check in at the boutique and the staff would be more than happy to give you all of the info you need. There are also bags of pellets for sale ($5 a bag) for you to feed the alpacas. I highly recommend that you buy a couple bags and enjoy the full experience! The alpacas are extremely gentle and even my youngest children can safely feed them. Once you check in and buy some feed, you are all set! The experience is entirely self-guided. There is a mapped out loop where you can go at your own pace and visit all of the varying pastures to pet and feed the alpacas. Did I mention that they are ridiculously cute and fluffy? I’ve been to the ranch at least a half a dozen times and seeing their sweet faces never gets old!

Visitor Info

Crescent Moon Ranch is located in Terrebonne, about a 25-30 minute drive from Bend.

Address: 7566 N Hwy 97 in Terrebonne, OR 97760

Hours: Open 7 days a week, from 10am – 4pm

Bags of pellets are $5 a bag.

Card and cash are accepted.


You can never buy too many bags of pellets! I’m not sure which would outlast the other- my excitement for feeding them or their bottomless tummies.

Save time to peruse the gift shop. There are a lot of unique local finds.

Please hold onto your empty plastic bags and recycle them in the labeled containers near the gift shop.

It is a ranch, so wear shoes that you won’t mind getting a little dirty.

Pack a hat and sunscreen in the summer months, it is all out in the open with very little shade.

Pack a lunch! There is a lovely spot towards the end of the loop near the Sires Pasture where there are a few benches shaded by trees where you can enjoy a snack.

Have fun!!

See you soon!

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