How to Make a Mummy Wine Bottle – Quick and Easy!


Whether you are hosting a party, gifting some wine, or simply immersed in the Halloween spirit…this mummy wine bottle is the perfect touch for adding some ghoulish flair to all of your spooky festivities!

Pinterest worthy in less than five minutes – these spooky little bottles are my go-to when bringing wine to a Halloween party! The finished product looks great with minimal effort and people are always impressed by them. Plus, who doesn’t love wine?!

NOTE: I used wine, but really you can use this method for any bottled beverage. Soda for a kids’ party…beer for hop lovers…we’re flexible.


What you will need…

  • wine [I usually swing by Trader Joe’s and grab a few reds for under $10] This time I chose the Pinot Noir because of the orange labeling and it was only $6.
  • two googly eyes [per bottle]
  • white paper craft tape or paper bandage tape
  • hot glue gun or another liquid glue that will adhere to the glass bottle



Step 1:

Start wrapping tape around the bottle. My only advice is to try and keep all of your loose ends either at the bottom of the bottle or on the back of the bottle to keep the front of the bottle looking ‘wrapped’.


NOTE: My tape ends are either on the back or at the bottom of the bottle. I do not have any tape strips ending on the front of the bottle, that would ruin our “wrapped look”.

Step 2:

Once the bottle is halfway covered, start scoping out a location for your googly eyes. You wouldn’t want to wrap the entire bottle and realize that you left no peeking spaces for the eyeballs. So when you have found a good spot, glue them on!





Step 3:

Fill in any odd gaps with some more tape and polish up your mummy look! This is when I try to cover up any awkward tape ends with my last few strips of tape.






And that’s it! Congrats on looking effortlessly crafty and go enjoy your Halloween fun!

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