San Diego’s Ultimate Ale Trail

What makes for an ultimate ale trail?

Walkability – In a total stretch of 1.5 miles, you will hit 7 glorious brew stops.


Affordability – Take that money you just saved from not needing a Lyft ride and spend it on another round of pints. Cheers!


Delicious Beer – You will find some of the best beer in San Diego as it is currently competing with Portland for the reigning title of “Best Brew Town” in the country.

Up for the challenge? The trail is located in North Park, San Diego and it’s a straight shot down 30th Street. Also, check out these tasty details on where you can find the best bites in the neighborhood to keep you fueled along the way.


Your adventure begins at Fall Brewing Company – a hidden gem. Mixed amongst houses and apartment complexes, its awesomeness is unsuspecting.  This brewery has a funky vibe and knows how to have a little fun with their customers. With beer names such as – Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, A Beer Named Sue, Jazz Hands, and Interpretive Dance Squad – you know you are in for a good time! Along with great beer, they also host a number of delicious food trucks to enhance your tasting experience.


Your next stop is only a block away from the last and it’s called Poor House Brewing Company. A bit more modest in its appearance than the last, Poor House offers a solid list of beers on tap and a number of games to accompany your good times. Shuffle board anyone? After a few pints and a couple rounds of pool, you’ll be back on the trail!

Known for their tasty peanut butter stout and ever so popular Thursday night trivia, Belching Beaver Brewery is next on your list! Although I find their beer to be a bit basic [their nightly crowds argue otherwise!], they win me over with their chill atmosphere and quality service. And the beer lovers that gather here are always so friendly, you are bound to make a friend or two at this stop.

Still with me? Ok, good! Continuing down 30th St. you will find Rip Current Brewing. Only having been here once [and a bit buzzed upon arrival] I haven’t got too much to say about this place except that they serve their tastings in the cutest mini goblets I have ever seen and their beer tasting list is overwhelming large – I’m sold!


Crawling into the home stretch, you will see Mike Hess Brewing on your horizon. Being a bigger name in the beer industry, you might have seen Mike Hess in your local grocery store and now is your chance to try it freshly tapped. Snacks and board games are also provided for you as you enjoy a flight of beer.

Saving the best for last, we have my personal favorite, Modern Times. I love its retro style with floppy disk coasters, lampshade ceiling, and a bar built entirely from VHS tapes. What makes it even better? Awesome beer and stylish merchandise, of course. It’s hard to try just one pint, so I recommend that you try them all 😉

Bonus round! Just around the corner from Modern Times [only the ambitious will find this last stop on the ale trail] is Thorn St. Brewery. Its tasting room has a warm, cozy earthy vibe that makes for a perfect ending point to an incredible day!

Cheers friends!


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