Getting Lost on the Oregon Coast

Well, it only took me leaving the country to finally find time to sift through and edit my pictures from this past summer’s road trip down Oregon’s coast. Whether you have a day or a whole week to explore, this coast has so much to offer. There are endless trails that wind their way down to some beautiful stretch of beach, every spot just as unique as the other. As evident of my photos, Oregon’s coast has so much diversity to it. Exploring Oregon’s coast is like a sport of who can find the most awesome secret location and claim it for themselves with an equally awesome picture. People will see your photo and inevitably ask where you took it. Your answer? The Oregon coast of course, but good luck finding the spot! I know this because I have experienced this first hand and have ultimately failed – twice. A couple summers back, a close friend of mine and I decided we were going to go on a hunt to find the location of a certain picture we saw on Instagram. You may have seen it before because it was taken by the extremely talented photographer, Chris Burkard. Well, we knew the general area of where the picture was taken so we figured that with a full day’s worth of exploration we could find it. We were wrong. After hours of driving up and down the coast, hiking in and out of random outlets, we came up empty handed. Now, my story only gets more disappointing on my part. Next summer rolls around. I actually take a photography workshop with Chris Burkard – an absolutely amazing workshop by the way – and that picture comes up during his class! He then goes on to tell the story behind that photo and gives the exact location of where it was taken – score! I just so happened to take another road trip down Oregon’s coast and one of those days, I must admit, I dedicated to finding that spot. Unfortunately, I failed again and never found that exact location of where his picture was taken. On the bright side, I did discover some equally beautiful spots of my own.









We also made a quick stop to check out Thor’s Well. I have seen some very impressive pictures of Thor’s Well and these are not them. Timing is key in capturing its true beauty. Depending on the tide, Thor’s Well can have a variety of looks. We went during low tide, so we failed on capturing the sheer power that Thor’s Well has to offer. But, it was still cool to check out!





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