Washington Coast Pit Stop

After our 4 day backpacking excursion, we decided to swing by Forks, Washington for a quick bite to eat. For all of you who are not “Twihards” [serious fans of the Twilight Saga], Forks, Washington is the setting for the vampire books. Forks has fully embraced their fame and has vampire references all over the sleepy little town. We grabbed a couple beers and some decent diner food at a quaint restaurant along highway 101 and then we headed back south.


I wish we had more time to explore Washington because it is so beautiful everywhere! I managed to snag 30 min. on our way down south to take some pictures of the gorgeous coastline. We parked along the highway and went down this short path that led us to a foggy forest of trees. The trees were a bit peculiar because they had huge tumors in them known as galls. They made for some fun pictures! What I love about the PNW is that there are endless outlets to park your car and explore the unknown. Almost anywhere you go, you will stumble upon something beautiful.


Using William as a reference, you can see just how massive these tumors really are!





The Nitty Gritty: Once you hit the 101 again after leaving the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center, you head north and it is a quick 20 min drive to Forks. Definitely worth the detour just to say you’ve been to the “vampire” town.

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